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  • Maureen Stevenson

Isn't a Blog a Journal?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

So many people Blog. I've always viewed them as a type of journaling. A diary of sorts even though many people blog about DIY or Self-Help, maybe to them it is lethargic to tell people how they cranked out a project under budget and in a certain time frame or how they manage their psychosis on a minute by minute or day by day action.

I have been told that blogging can help my writing career but I've always found it hard to keep a diary. In school, some teachers encouraged journal writing but I always froze up and could never write more than a few lines. I think it was because I didn't want to divulge any secrets, no matter their size to any eyes or minds that were not my own.

I prefer to write fiction. To take a trip to another world or city and hang on while the story takes me on an adventure of a life time. A book is a true escape of reality, albeit short, but an escape none the less. Always dreamed of finding a treasure none thought to exist? There's a book for that, probably a few books. Always wanted to fall in lust or love with a strapping hero who comes to save you in the nick of time? There are many books for that! Or how about you want to solve a murder or maybe multiple murders? You can definitely find a book for that! ( Mine for instance ;)

My point is that I enjoy writing stories that can help a person escape reality for a few hours or days and I hope that they enjoy reading what I write.

Does this blog have a point? Not really, I just figured I'd give it a go and see if I can manage to speak some true thoughts - no matter the frenzied pace of them.

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