• Maureen Stevenson

How This Pandemic Is Treating My Life...

I hope everyone is doing well, mentally, emotionally and physically ❤.

Spring break and the lockdown began on the same day, March 14th, 2020, in British Columbia.

Now, hanging out at home is nothing new to me being the introvert that I am. The thing that changed was not being able to visit my few friends anytime I wanted. My family and I are following the rules; I go to the stores, my kids have not stepped foot inside a store since February. Swimming lessons were cancelled until whoever deems it safe enough to open again.

We hang out at home doing schoolwork, crafting and, finally, bike riding. My husband is an electrician, so he is still working, thankfully. Life has changed, very little for us.

I miss my face to face chats with my friends, our jokes and camaraderie. Our shared confusion and irritation with our children and our abundance of love for them as well. I miss being able to grab a coffee and pop into anywhere but soon enough, all of this will be able to happen again with people taking a little more care with their hygiene and a little more care for their neighbours.


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