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Maureen is a writer and amateur photographer living life in NorthEastern British Columbia with her husband, 2 kids, 3 cats and 1 crazy, red-haired golden retriever.

She has 3 self-published works; A murder mystery, 1 short story battle fantasy and an 8 chapter Erotica. 

She is working on a supernatural novel.



Amazon Review - Ebony Eyes A Murder Mystery

 "For this being the author's 1st book, it is well written with good character development. The storyline moves at a steady pace and the plot leaves you guessing. The main characters are relatable and believable. 

A fun read for those interested in mysteries! "





Three Champions born to defeat the Demon King and restore the Earth and put an end to the desolation.


Demons, magic, swords and blood rule the new world.

Join the saviours in a battle to bring back life.

Amazon Review - Niflheim

 "The line is very unusual, and the details are impressive. Especially the battles caught me."

   Pleasure Pleasing

    1 day. 3 people. Absolute pleasure.

A sexual explicit fantasy brought to paper for those brave enough to enjoy the ride!